Quick update on the ‘to-do list’ for the installation

  • making the ambient tracks for every visual part
  • purchase and make the “button” (USB trigger)
  • contact already recruited actors and recruit 2 more (optimally need between 3 and 5)
  • set up a few meetings with them to explain the études and try out some of the improvisation techniques
  • recruit a photographer for the opening day
  • recruit two video camera operators and instruct them
  • research 3D video mapping – will be using Resolume Avenue for keystoning
  • test 2 live cameras in Max – partially done
  • make the Max/Jitter Resolume Avenue patch
  • gather the required visual materials and edit them (video, photography and paintings)
  • general set up test
  • purchase the materials and make the screens
  • figure out how to “distort” the floor
  • set up and test the PA on location
  • test the available lighting (do I use DMX?)

Marked green – done

Marked yellow – partially done

Not marked – still left to do