Bazyli Brzóska

Workflow Architect

Areas of interest and research


workflow & process design

data and knowledge organization, semantic data structures, taxonomy and ontological engineering

IT security

responsible innovation, empathy and leadership


influence of technology and art on individuals and on society

computational creativity

server provisioning and administration

psychology of user experience

Experience with technology

  • JavaScript & TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Docker
  • Linux Server Administration & Deployment
  • Design and Implementation of Server Infrastructures
  • Optimizing Processes & Designing Workflows
  • IT Security and Penetration Tests
  • C# and .NET
  • Reverse Engineering and Software Analysis
  • Bash Scripting Language

Experience with media

  • Composing Music
  • Producing and Mastering Sound and Music
  • Interactive Art
  • Creative Writing and Screenwriting
  • Photo Editing and Retouch (Photoshop, Lightroom)
  • Video Post Production (Editing, Color Grading, SFX)
  • Performing Music Live
  • Composing for Film
  • Sound and Light Engineering (Electronics, Max/MSP, DMX512)
  • Theatre and Film Acting

A little about me

I was always the odd one – when I was five, instead of playing with building blocks in childcare, I was exchanging floppy disks with the only other geek there. They contained our newest programs and text games written as DOS scripts. Instead of grilling sausages at my grandma’s bonfire a few years later, I was grilling a book on Pascal programming language, or getting up to speed with printouts of latest Linux exploits. When I was 10, I became the “go-to” computer technician for the neighborhood, since proper ones were scarce and expensive.

At 13, I took an offer for my first paid IT job – administrating a Linux-based server, doing web-design and programming. All the while, I kept exploring my second great interest – art, by learning to play the piano and later studying acting. When I was 15, I was earning enough to fully support myself, and I never took a penny from my parents since.

When it came to deciding my future, I was faced with a dilemma – a degree in Computer Science or the Arts. Since I was already the closest person to the CTO of the company I worked for, and thoroughly enjoyed the artistic minds, I was more inclined towards the latter. Open to new challenges, I finally set out to study in a foreign country, one that I’ve never been to back then – the UK, where I found a course which combined arts with technology.

In 2012, I have graduated first in class from Creative Sound and Music, with a thesis integrating research as diverse as social psychology, anthropology and neurology, on the subject: Designing Influence with Music, and a major work that was a team-effort – an art installation called Turf, powered by a 4K stop-motion animation, a touchscreen, a projector, JavaScript, the Canvas element and my own music. Later, I have continued studying in Prague’s acclaimed Film School FAMU.

For the past couple of years, I have been defining myself and designing my personal philosophy. Out of all work, I love to find creative ways to optimize processes – especially those low-level ones that are usually hidden by the hindsight bias, in the way we experience our tools and interact with them (UX).

Using my knowledge, ideas and curiosity for further scientific research, I am now on a quest to seek out, optimize and reimagine specifically those processes, which have the greatest positive impact for humanity, all the while learning to become a better person myself.

Bazyli Brzóska