Stages of waking up

  1. serenity, numbness, innocent ignorance, floating, no pressure
  2. first movement: (minimal) isolated part of the body; inevitability of waking up, harder to go back; quick start, then fluctuations (its indisputably there, set in stone now)
  3. temperature change gradual – point of no return
  4. second, larger movement, more relevant in terms of sub-elements; misguided attempt at preventing the inevitable; “oh shit” feeling
  5. whole body move; “exploding into existence”, exploding sense of touch; exposed, self-conscious; you can see the body, the position is clear
  6. pause – self-reflection, this is where I am, I can’t avoid this
  7. stretching of the body – precise pressure points, temperature goes up (and stays a bit higher)
  8. ticks, sharp movements, aggressive/angry, need to shake off the sense of numbness – I want to be fully awake now
  9. battle with the duvet – its nice and soft, it smothers me; struggle for dominance with the duvet (comes to a slow end and fades into next stage)
  10. the point of comparison is no longer from sleeping; I’m getting used to his senses; new kind of calm