How to update Ubuntu/Debian packages and make a PPA

  1. (optional) under xubuntu – install seahorse
  2. generate gpg key
  3. publish key: hkp:// —
  4. add the key to launchpad:
  5. sign
  6. prepare the new package:

Now open the changelog (debian/changelog) and correct what you need.

If you need, update the version by using, e.g.:

You might need to run:

Run debuild -S -sa to build a Debian source package (you may need to use the -k option to specify your GPG key). Use gpg –list-secret-keys and look for the sec ID. The part after the slash goes after the -k in the command (with no space between).

Or, to just build the package:

Upload the source package to the Launchpad PPA using dput with the .changes file as argument following the instructions on the PPA’s page.[3] Some time after that binary packages will be built by Launchpad’s build farms and added to the PPA.