Turf – Set design

The set will be extremely basic, designed to give the impression of an almost completely black space, this is to accentuate other elements of the film.

Carbon steel would seem to be a good material for the set, due to its strength, and the fact that it is magnetic.Magnetic-ness is a required quality because the constructs of the characters, boarders, blocks etc. will be stuck to the back ‘wall’ to give the impression that they are hanging in space. However with minimal lighting on the set, how are these lines and shapes to be clearly seen? A possible solution is ultraviolet ‘black light’, if the elements are produced in with the ‘day-glow’ colour spectrum, then they should shine without the wall they are attached to, becoming visible. The black light source itself will be in the form of a UV strip light mounted on the back wall, and high enough to not appear onscreen.