Turf – Early ideas

Here are some early ideas for what the concept could be. I strongly consider the theme of evolution, starting with very basic models and having them become more complex over time, in terms of their structure and methods of movement. At this point I decide for this movement to be set to a piece of music, in order to add a level of narrative to a piece that would be largely abstract. It is starting to fit the genre of dance animation.

Here, displaying my thought of incorporating projected elements on to the stop motion figures. The projections, I had decided, would be of human body parts. This was an idea with the hope of heightening the viewers relation to the characters through recognizably human elements. Of course such a relation would only be on a physical, kinesthetic level.

Here are more complex ideas for forms, again using the idea of incorporated human parts. But now considering the use of physical photographs, somehow slotted into the character and easily replaceable for the next photo/frame to give the illusion of movement in this way.