Turf – Character fabrication

Brass will make up the majority of the figure, and be used for the main body shapes. Brass is stronger than copper and aluminum, but generally easy to work with in terms of soldering and joining. It seems perfect for the socket sections of the ball joints, due to a combination of durability and softness. When two brass plates are tightened around a stainless steel ball, the metals softness enables a smooth groove to be formed, this makes swivels and pivots executable in a fluid and controllable manner. However, the small scale of the models requires me to learn the precise technique of small metal joining known as ‘silver soldering’. Silver soldering is also rather compulsory as alongside the brass elements, there will be some of stainless steel, and silver soldering is also one of the best techniques for joining such steel.

I made some basic ball and socket joints two years ago to use if such a project ever came up, so the joints of the models have required little energy.

In keeping with the simplistic style, the models have been kept bare, in that the metal they are composed of has not been covered up. The metal itself, and the fact that it has become scratched and scorched in the actual process of its fabrication, gives the characters a strong aesthetic identity in my opinion. The colours in the models are those which are natural to the metal.