Black light Backdrop and Set

I have considered a lot of options, including digital projection and computer effects, of how to create the effect of the glowing shapes and lines which the models create and manipulate. The usage of ultraviolet light is the option I settled on.

First I will explain how the set is set up…

The set is in essence very simple, Two MDF boards joined in a basic ‘L’ shape.

The back wall is lined with galvanized steel which will be painted matt black to prevent reflections and to keep it generally inconspicuous. Galvanized steel is magnetic so therefore the coloured shapes would be able to stick to the back wall through magnetism. Above this there is a mounted UV strip-light, which will flood the set with Black light.

So far I’ve been able to get hold 4 UV sensitive colours, also most white paper glows light blue under black light. The 3 remaining colours (red, blue, purple) I can only get hold of in acrylic paint form, so they have been ordered. These colours will be stuck/painted onto flexible magnetic sheets, allowing them to be stuck to the back wall.

The set needs to remain as close to black as possible so whatever character is on set, must be lit by a spot light, ensuring the character is clearly visible but the set isn’t flooded. I’m considering side lighting the character and adding an upwards ‘lip’ on the set floor on the side of the light source. It would be possible, in this instance, that the characters feet would be too much in the shade, which would be unacceptable as the legs provide most of the visible movement. So if this happens I would colour the legs with UV sensitive ink to insure they stay seen.

This concept are provides a (too) perfect vision of how I want it to look. This is the effect I will be working towards, but I would not want to quite reach it, as it shouldn’t look so slick.