A few questions

So these are some of my ‘helper’ questions I wrote to help me define my field of research for my dissertation.
  • What are the key elements that make music an “aesthetic” art?
  • What is “aesthetic”? When is “aesthetic” caused by affect, and when by cognitive and associative perception of semiotic signs? Does the former incur the latter?
  • What are the causes of the indigenous to humans, yet ubiquitous and particular perception of sound, as a coherent, structured continuum that makes up music?
  • Which elements of Western music are universally (or within the western culture) regarded as pleasing (or just affecting, emotional) any why?
  • To what extent is an “aesthetic” experience emotional? To what extent is it a “mathematically” perceived experience? How do these two intertwine? Does mathematical perception of shapes/rhythms/harmonic patterns invite affective reactions in humans?

While researching, I found this mind blowing, awesome resource on Music Cognition. Here: Music Matters | A blog on Music Cognition