Project Description

SANEi is an advanced tool for server provisioning and package management that I wrote originally for internal use, but open sourced later on. It leverages Linux Containers (lxc) and with it’s apt-get like module system makes it possible to setup a complex, secure, up-to-date system in minutes. SANEi, as the name suggests, is designed to capture best-practices in server administration, override the less secure defaults of many packages and provide sane and secure defaults.

SANEi grew from being a bunch of scripts, to a massive, modular system that it is today, hence it is written in Bash. I’m in the process of rewriting some parts using my pseudo-object-oriented Bash Infinity Framework and adding a Git-based packaging system for modules and system updates. As a part of my endeavor to create SANEi, I created a Bash RST file parser.

Project Details


August 2013

My involvement

the concept


Linux Ubuntu Server



An example setup of LXC containers using SANEi

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